The Rahula Trust

The Rahula Trust

"Education. Don't let poverty limit a child's potential. Sponsor a child today"

(Registered Charity No: 1075742)

Viharamaha Devi Girls Home Education Project, Sri Lanka

At the request of the managing Trustees of the Viharamahadevi Girls Home, the Rahula Trust agreed to supply financial support to engage a teacher for educating infants in the Viharamahadevi Girls Home. The Trust already gives financial support for educating young girls in the orphanage. Infants also have their teacher to give them some education. Before this, they did not receive any education.

A computer centre is also being built for the use of children. Funds have been allocated for the purchase of three new computers and for funding a teacher to teach computing to the children in the home. This support is bearing rich fruit. We are very happy to say that Samanthi passed her Advanced Level Examinations with three distinctions (A Grade). These results will enable her to enter university in Sri Lanka. In addition, four students passed their Ordinary Level examinations with good results, which qualify them to start Advanced Level classes and to sit for exams in 2013. We are also glad to mention another successful result in music. Dilhani Nadhishika won 1st place in the All Island Interschool Esraj Competition in 2010. She is a very talented student who obtained 1st place in all the Provincial and District Levels. She has achieved this despite having to prepare herself for the Ordinary Level Exams. 

C. N. Ranasinghe, the Principal of the Home has written to say, "All these good results achieved are due to the assistance and encouragement given by the Rahula Trust. If not for your support, we would not have been able to achieve such good results. We are very grateful for your continuous help given to us for a long period and we look forward for your general support in the future years too. Once again I take this opportunity to thank the members of RahulaTrust on behalf of the members of our committee, the children and the staff.”