The Rahula Trust

The Rahula Trust

"Education. Don't let poverty limit a child's potential. Sponsor a child today"

(Registered Charity No: 1075742)

Education Project in Anuradhapura and Matale Districts, Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura class

“Unleashing the Educational Potential of Disadvantaged Children”

Though children in Sri Lanka benefit from free education, there are still children living in underserved, remote and difficult areas for whom proper education is a dream. While working in such areas with children and their families the Siddhartha Child Development Foundation (SCDF) has identified Wilgamuwa education zone in Matale district and Kebithigollewa education zone (Welioya & Padaviya division) in Anuradhapura district, where children are struggling to learn without proper help. They are seriously backward with respect to four core subjects namely English, Mathematics, Science and Sinhala. It has been the intention to provide a learning support facility for these children to study the above key subjects. The Rahula Trust has contributed 33% of the cost of these projects. 

Rainbow Project in Partnership with Rahula Trust, London managed by Siddhartha Child Development Foundation.  The Rahula Trust has worked with the SCDF for five years in three different projects.

Number of children participating: Matale District – 401; Anuradhapura District - 275