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The Rahula Trust

"Education. Don't let poverty limit a child's potential. Sponsor a child today"

(Registered Charity No: 1075742)

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  • For how long do I have to commit myself?  From the Trust’s point of view, the longer the better, perhaps until the child takes O Levels, A Levels or finishes university.
  •  What will happen to the child if I stop sponsorship? We will continue to support the child, either by finding a new sponsor or by using our general funds.
  •  How is the money disbursed? We consolidate the individual amounts received, then make a transfer to our bank account in Sri Lanka. From there we fund the account for each separate child.
  •  How are the children selected? We review all the applications received in order to assess (a) the academic ability based on reports received from the school, and (b) the degree of need based on the family’s financial circumstances. In many cases one parent may no longer be alive or may have a very low paid job.
  •  Can I write to the child I sponsor? Yes, you are welcome to do this. It shows the child that you are taking a personal interest and may motivate the child to study well and justify your sponsorship. School reports are received by the Trust and a copy will be sent to the sponsor.
  • Can I send a gift to my child? We do not encourage this because the gift may require payment of customs duty on arrival and the family may not be able to afford this. So your act of well-intentioned generosity may end up costing the family money!
  • Can I visit a child I am sponsoring? Quite rightly the law in the United Kingdom gives every possible protection to children and we are of course governed by UK law. As the Rahula Trust is a small charity with limited resources the trustees are keen to ensure that all available funds from donors are used directly for the sponsorship and benefit for the children we support. We are therefore not yet at a stage where we can support supervised visits, but would welcome sponsors maintaining active contact with their sponsored children through regular written communication which we would be very happy to facilitate.